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I’m piled high,

ice mountains shifting within.

Outside there’s gentle light,

velum fraying into blue. 

But reach into my heart and I am fierce as 

a snow lioness

roaring above a churn of lead.

Laid like the first snows of winter,

drifting, flocculating, forming:

I evolve forever.

Nebulous on a hot afternoon

I forge a head of thunder

fed with a river of ice

scalding through sinking air.

I can eat an aircraft, tear it to pieces

with my updrafts, my downdrafts. My

wind shear.

I am more than a thousand bombs

Ready to rain down on you


But what happens to me after the


After I’ve downloaded, drenched out.

When I’ve filled the present but have no future.

When I have been 


© Laura Parker 2023


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